Thursday, March 31, 2011

La la la-la, la la la-la, Elmo's Song....

Okay, so now that you have this ANNOYING a@$ song stuck in your head (you're welcome) I bought this online for baby girl. Waiting for it to be delivered was excruciating!

The first thing she did with her new Elmo doll (after hugging his stuffing right out) was share her cracker with him. So sweet!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I can't believe I'm writing about pee-pee

So last night Brooklyn actually USED her potty. Woot!

I had her sit on it before her bath and when she got up and I saw, know...I cheered and clapped for her. Then I gave her a teensy mini marshmallow. (Is it marshmellow or mallow? Oh who cares.)

I know, I know. I don't want to get into a habit of using food as a reward but she loves those very much and hoped she will make a connection that pee pee in the potty = fun times.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The things she says

Yogurk - yogurt (she LOVES yogurk!! She asks for it every time she sees it in the fridge.)

Neckace - necklace. This child will wear all her 'neckaces' at the same time.

ABDBDBDB is the way Brooklyn sings the ABC song. It's so cute...just tickles me!

Ring - rain

Monter - in cookie.

She can find her elbow. She can say moon and airplane and loves to find both in the sky.

She loves to sit on her potty, with or without clothing on. No pee-pee yet, but sitting in the right place for it is a great start.

Loves to take baths. She knows what 'swim' is even though she's never seen it or done it.

Ing - earring

Core - color

Pow - pillow

Bucket - blanket

All None - all done

Booken - Brooklyn

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We have a Tricycle Rider!

Yep, this weekend Brooklyn started riding her tricycle by pedaling it with her feet instead of the "flintstone" method she had been using. She looked like such a pro! She's growing so fast and learning so many things...I'm truly amazed.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Hair Cut!!!

We took Brooklyn to have her little bangs trimmed. Of course they saved her hair for us and gave her a certificate.

Brooklyn did so well. I was proud of how she sat quietly and bravely in the chair with the plastic apron wrapped around her.

She's part of the third generation in John's family to have a hair cut at this particular shop. John, his dad, his brother, and his nephew all get their hair cut here. The shop is for men but what better place to have your first hair trim?

A sweet girl from our church (Britney) gave the hair cut while Daddy got his hair cut in the next chair over.

All the patrons were so patient with my endless picture taking. They were all dads and grandpas themselves and had been in our shoes before.

And now you can clearly see Baby Girl's bright blue eyes and sweet little face! Can you tell she loved her balloon?