Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pregnancy Undies

Now I won't discuss my views on the great thong debate - To Floss or Not To Floss - but I found this list and wanted to share.

The Top 9 Marketing Slogans for a Maternity Thong

9. Lose yourself in a thong. Or vice versa.

8. Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to stop looking like a hussy.

7. The ribbon for your baby's finish line.

6. Don't block the light -- give your baby a womb with a view!

5. In the third trimester, every pair of underwear you own becomes a thong anyway!

4. Absolutely NOT zesty!

3. Appearing in Sisqo's nightmares since 1998!

2. A butt *that* big should be flaunted.

and the number 1 marketing slogan for the maternity thong....

1. The *safe* way to do crack while you're pregnant.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dearest Little Bean

Your daddy turns 35 today. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful man he is and why I love him so much. He is my blessing in life and was an absolute gift from God. I prayed to God about what kind of husband I always dreamed of and God gave me everything I wanted and a whole lot more. Your daddy makes my life happier just by walking into the room!

He is an honorable man who always keeps his promises. Even if a task is hard or boring he will do it to the very best of his ability. He never takes the easier way out. And he always makes sure that he can do all that is involved before he commits to anything. This is one of the many great lessons I've learned from him over the years. And he's never let me down.

Your daddy is hilarious! He keeps me in stitches all the time. Not a day goes by that we aren't cracking up together. It makes it difficult to argue because when he makes me laugh I forget what I was upset about. I love that about him!

He has a very giving heart. He impresses me often with how much of his time and money he gives to those he loves or those in need. I know God is honored with the loose grip John has on his belongings. I pray this is something we can teach you.

Your daddy loves his family very much. He respects his parents, dotes on his nephew and always has some time for his grandparents. He's crazy about me and loves you to pieces already. Do you hear him when he tells you Good Morning every day? He can't wait to hold you and kiss your forehead.

He's a very patient person and I know he's going to adore teaching you new things. John doesn't think he's good at teaching people but I watch him gently explain how to do something and take his time to make sure they understand. He is patient with me in many ways. When I get frustrated with something he helps me through it without getting mad.

Your daddy loves and serves God. This is my favorite quality about him. He tries to live in a way that honors God with his actions, thoughts and his words. To me he is a great example of someone who lives out their relationship with God rather than just talking or reading about it.

These things have made him an excellent husband and friend, and I know they are going to make him an even better daddy to you.

Sleep tight my little Bean. Know that you are loved by a great man.

Babies & Blessings

I have a coworker who's wife had their first baby almost a month ago. His wife offered to give me her maternity clothing. Yay! Heck yes I'll take them. So when we go over to their house this week, we also get to meet their new baby. Can I just say WOW I didn't know babies could be THAT cute??? I held little Allison for like 20 minutes, successfully switching arms without help when she got too heavy. And I didn't even mind that she drooled on me a little bit, which is HUGE for me. I don't really like any of the 'moisture' that comes from babies, yet I prevailed.

She was just so adorable and squeaky. The facial expressions she'd make when she yawned contained a lethal dose of cuteness. John and I couldn't stop watching every little twitch or flinch. As I looked at her I thought "I still can't believe we are getting one of these!" I do feel bad though for being a baby hog because I didn't even ask John if he wanted to hold her. He told me later that he did in fact want to hold her too. Babies just make you want to kiss them all over their little faces and not share. I suppose the sharing part is something I'll have to rememdy when Bean comes along. =)

We had a nice time visiting and I got several great tops & pants.

Thank you God for putting people in our life and using them to bless us!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gift from Daddy!

Not that we are all ate up with the space program or anything, but it IS the bread and butter for both John and I. So it shouldn't surprise me when Daddy came home with this gift for Miss Bean today. It shouldn't surprise me but it did.

I'm so tickled at the Astro Baby onesie!

Body & Nest Progress

I still feel great. A little bit guilty for not exercising or doing some type of activity a little every day. Is typing or holding down my office chair count as exercise? But I'm not guilt ridden enough to do anything about it. I did go to the pool the other day but the water was so cold that all I was able to do in 30 minutes was ease my way in (15 minutes) then flail around a bit to keep from freezing (10 minutes) then get out and dry off so Bean could thaw out (5 minutes). I'm SURE that did some good, right?

So I wore my new preggy pants today. And my shoes definitely fit more snuggly. Not 'snuggly' in a cute baby bear kind of way but 'snuggly' in a "Wow I can't believe I stuffed these marshmellow feet into anything less than Ronald McDonald shoes!" I don't have full on foot swell yet, but my ankles just googled the driving directions to Cankle Town so it shouldn't be long.

I don't mind it though. Like I told my buddy goes with being pregnant and I appreciate everything that has or is or will happen. I can't be all "Hey I'd like a baby" and expect to skip the stuff that goes along with growing a baby. And if slightly swollen tootsies are the worst I've had to deal with thus far...BONUS!

We are getting closer to being able to work on Bean's room. My crib bedding came in yesterday and I could cry at how beautiful and perfect it is! I know, I know. It is nothing like any of the first ideas I had but we love it and I know Bean will look adorable surrounded by such pretty fabrics.

Tonight I go pick paint colors. Soon we'll begin painting and laying down the wood floors. I can't wait to post pictures of the before and after of this room.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

20 1/2 weeks and so thankful

So Bean is kicking more emphatically now. I've noticed a pattern with her (wow I'm still on cloud nine about getting to call her a 'her') and look forward to her "Good morning, Mommy!" kicks just as I'm getting out of bed. One morning she kicked so hard John and I could see my belly jump. I took John's hand and pressed it into my stomach. He was able to feel the kicks himself! I was so happy for him to be able to experience that.

You know, I am so blessed that I can barely stand it. I think about how much this baby is already loved by us, our family, and our friends - both local friends and cyber friends. I think about the things we want to teach her and do with her, how her life will be different and better than many aspects of my own childhood. Not that mine was bad, but having two loving parents to raise you has to be better than having only one. Then I think about how freely God has provided comfort to me throughout this pregnancy. I am so grateful, so humbled...

Okay, the grossest thing I've EVER read...EVER!

I feel the breakfast rising when I read the title of THIS article and could not get further than the first paragraph. Okay, I did eventually skim through the rest of it.

My FAVORITE part is where the author says: "I’d have to be stupid-drunk to eat placenta."

Amen, sister!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Belly Development @ 20 weeks

I figure it's time to post some belly shots. I mean, I AM 1/2 way to the finish line.

For reference, this picture was taken at 16 weeks. Now that I compare the two, I do see some progress. Grow Bean Grow!

Friday, April 3, 2009

God has shown favor on us yet again....

and has given us a baby GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the family Bean-ette!

Yay! The wait is finally over and I couldn't be happier.

John held my hand the entire time. When the technician's magic wand hovered over Bean's "baby bits", I'm pretty sure we all held our breath until she said "That's most definitely a girl!" Then simultaneous screams errupted (from me and The Moms), followed by tears of joy (again....from me and The Moms). In between joyful sobs I managed to croak out "Are you SURE???" The sweet technician confirmed it again and then let the doctor come in to confirm for a 3rd time. My mom made this sign that had "It's a Girl" written on one side and "It's a Boy" on the other. How cute is she?? I'm so glad she made the sign because we were able to snap a few quick pictures.

All other baby parts were verified and seemed to be working normally. It was INCREDIBLE to see the tiny chambers of Bean's heart. Two kidneys were visible. We saw arms & legs & fingers and toes. We saw stomach & brain and spine and ribs. All precious in my sight. God bless technology!

Of course The Moms were thrilled. I was so glad they were a part of this monumental day. Once I was able to wipe all the ultrasound goo off my belly, button my snuggly fitting jeans, we all practially RAN out to the waiting room to fire up our cell phones. That was the beginning of the 4 hour text/phone fest. God bless technology!

After the appointment our families gathered for a celebratory dinner at Outback. What an emotional day. It's only 8:00pm here on the east coast and I am drained!

I wonder if it could possibly get any better than this. I do have a sneaking feeling it's going to get TONS better. I can't yet imagine how much better, but I'm ready. =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How twins are made...mystery SOLVED!

Yay! We have a new follower!

Welcome to the party, Tonya! Glad to have you join us! Feel free to comment any time!

Not that I'm trying to keep up with the Jones' (or Camps)or anything, but Lisa has had 9 for a long time and now I do too. Yippeeeeeeeeee!

Minced?! Have you ever caught a minced fish?!

This commercial comes on every day at lunch time and my coworkers and I crack up. Maybe we shouldn't because the kid is kind of demanding and bratty, but it's just so funny!