Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yaaaaaay! At last...

I felt my first Bean kick today at about 1:45. I was sitting at work reading an email and...what the heck...I felt the tiniest most gentle little flutter in the front of my stomach. And then it happened again. I knew right away what it was because I'd never felt anything like it before.

I sent John a quick email and he calls me IMMEDIATELY to have me describe everything. Then he tells his coworkers (mostly women) and I hear them cheer from his side of the phone.

I called my mom to share the great news. No answer at the house. I'll try again later.

I sent a quick text to my sister, who does exactly what John did. She called me immediately and squealed over the phone for like a whole minute. She's so excited and we couldn't stop from giggling.

Then I sent a quick text to Tipitee, and I swear she does the same thing...call, squeal, laughter.

So yeah, there is some action going on. Do I feel pregnant yet? A little more than I did yesterday. But I'll really feel pregnant after Friday's appointment.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


I haven't had anything profound to put on the blog lately. Sorry. =(

So here's an update. I'm still feeling great. I thought I was starting to show a couple of weeks ago because my pants were tight one day but they were straight out of the dryer. Nothing else has been snug since. I'm still wearing a size smaller than when I started out on this journey. So yeah, no bump yet. But I keep checking and expect one morning to wake up and be HUGE.

I haven't felt any movement or flutterings or anything yet. It's a bummer because I'm really looking forward to that part of it making it real to me. I still forget I'm preg sometimes.

I had my 18 week appointment last Friday, March 20th. Mom went with me and recorded the heart beat. Doc found it much easier this time. Yep, our only link to the world inside. One day soon enough I'll get to know that heartbeat out here in the world.

I was just thinking this morning about how I'm kind of scared to learn the gender next week. Right now we can imagine life either way....the pros & cons of either gender but next week it will be fo sho one way or the other.

Still tearing up the 2nd bedroom to make room for Bean. We are putting bamboo floors down and have so much to do before even getting to that point. So right now all my scrap stuff is out in the dining room surrounding the kitchen table. I hate living with my house in shambles but it's all we can do right now. And it will be put back together soon enough. I can imagine how great this room will look once all the work is finished.

Lately my thoughts have been "Oh crap, we are having a baby and am I really ready for this???" It's not that I think it will be hard or anything. It's just such a vast unknown. Yeah, and I guess a little bit scary. Pray for my mind, if you have a quick minute or two.

I may not post again until April 3rd when we learn the gender. Unless something cool happens like I feel a kick or my baby belly explodes onto the scene.

Thanks for following along!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Couldn't have said it better myself...

John and I were just talking last night about how American society is setting kids up for disappointment in the real world by trying to shield them from failure. And today in this book I'm reading during my lunch break the author brings up the same exact subject...preventing children from doing things that might damage their self-esteem. The author quotes Rick Reilly, a sports writer for Sports Illustrated, regarding school districts outlawing Dodgeball:
I know what all these NPR-listening, Starbucks-guzzling parents want. They want their Ambers and their Alexanders to grow up in a cozy womb of noncompetition, where everyone shares tofu and Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf set up a commune. Then their kids will stumble out into the bright light of the real world and find out that, yes, there's weak and there's strong and teams and sides and winning and losing. You'll recognize those kids. They'll be the ones filling up chalupas. Very noncompetitive.
This book is BRILLIANT!

PS I do listen to NPR (mainly to mock the media with my friends later) and I do semi-guzzle Starbucks, but I totally agree with both writers. I want our kids well equipped to deal with the ups and downs that exist in the non-fiction world.

Proof of Life

So I think my baby belly is starting to show. I might start posting pictures of the belly progress.

Speaking of belly, my stomach muscles kill me every time I sneeze, cough or laugh. I suppose it is because the muscles are being pushed apart as Bean gets bigger and starts growing out. It's only slightly uncomfortable but does make me aware that something is going on inside.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Love Books

I have just begun reading a book called "Sacred Parenting, How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls" by Gary L. Thomas. Okay, when I say "I have just begun" I mean "I have read the front & back flap." Anyway, the author writes:
The truth is, we are living in the midst of holy teachers. Sometimes they spit up on themselves or us. Sometimes they throw tantrums. Sometimes they cuddle and kiss and love us. In the good and bad they mold our hearts, shape our souls, and invite us to experience God in newer and deeper ways.

How beautiful is that? I can't wait.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gender Poll and Pregnancy Pool

There is a poll going on in my office of what Bean's gender will be. Right now the vote stands at Boy (4) vs Girl (5).

Also, someone recently mentioned starting a Pregnancy Pool where people put up $5 to guess when Bean will be born and how much baby will weigh. I've never been involved in one of those so I don't know how it works. But I have noticed people asking me weird questions, like: How tall is John? How much did you weigh when you were born? Do you plan on continuing (ha!) to eat healthy or will you indulge in nightly Whoppers?

At first I scratched my head wondering what the heck these questions were for. Then I realized the cheaters are trying to gain an advantage over the other guessers as to whether there is a strong likelihood of me having a 12 lb baby-luffagus or a petite 6 lb-er.

My lips are sealed.

Pregnancy "Menu"

I did not write this. I found it online (can't remember where) and thought it was hilarious.

First Trimester Menu
  • Appetizer - Tums compote

  • Entree - Fresh Saltines on a bed of Saltines, lightly seasoned with Saltines

  • Beverage - Ginger ale (IV drip available upon request)

  • Dessert - Ten minutes in a dark room with an ice bag on your head

Second Trimester Menu
  • Appetizer - Half a roast chicken, extra crispy

  • Entree - A succulent leg of lamb smothered in pork chops, served with BBQ ribs and garnished with cheeseburgers (all burnt beyond recognition for your safety)

  • Beverage - Toll-House pie smoothie, prepared with 1/2 pint heavy cream

  • Dessert - 9X16 pan of double-fudge brownies

Third Trimester Menu
(Each course followed by 15-minute neck massage and/or bathroom break)
  • Appetizer - Three bites of tossed salad

  • Entree - Two bites of lasagna

  • Beverage - None...so you'll have room for dessert

  • Dessert - A Tic Tac

Double portions available if you're expecting twins

Friday, March 6, 2009

16 Weeks

From 16 - 20 weeks I should start feeling baby movement. John is super excited for this to happen. Every couple of days he'll put his hands on my stomach and just hold it there. I don't think you can feel the movements until much later, but I think he's just so darn cute to want to feel the baby already. I haven't felt anything inside yet, but I've read that I may confuse the first few flutters as hunger pangs. We shall see.

People have been asking me if I plan to stay at home with Bean or if I'll return to work. For now John and I have decided that I'll return to work after maternity leave. And since we both feel strongly about me nursing, it hit me that working moms can't just prance back to their job without any preparations or forethought. There is a lot of stuff I have to consider if I plan on continuing to nurse. For example, where in this grody building will I pump? How will I store Bean's bottles seperately from the refrigerator my coworkers use for their lunch? How will I clean the pump equipment? How can I prevent any embarassing accidents while at work? How can I handle maternal business as discreetly as possible? How can I keep from dying of embarassement if people find out?

Well, I don't yet have answers to all the questions, but John and I did buy a mini fridge to keep in my cubicle. I figure that will solve the storage problem. And as a result, thrust me into an awkward (for me) conversation with a male coworker about my plans to breastfeed. Ugh. As much as I so wanted to keep my intentions a secret, I knew I couldn't just throw this thing up over my shoulder and sneak it past everyone. I needed help and that meant I may have to explain a few things. Someone brought it from my car to my desk and another guy helped me set it up. Those that asked got their answer. And I'm really impressed with how well they handled the information. No one yelled "Oh God you mean you'll be doing THAT?! So gross! Hey guys...guess what?!!" I know, it's weird that I kind of expected that reaction. These people really CAN be adults from time to time. Hmmm, who knew?

Well, I am starting to wonder what it will be like to care for a newborn. How often do babies get bathed anyway? God love the internet. I found out that pediatricians recommend a bath 1 or 2 times a week so as not to overdry their delicate skin. And wipes can be used in between water-baths if needed. We can totally handle that!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kisses for All

When John leaves for work in the morning, he kisses my forehead and says "Good morning sweetie. See you after work." Then he kisses my belly and whispers "Good morning Bean."

I just think that is the sweetest.

Monday, March 2, 2009

You want to know what cute looks like?

On Feb. 2nd I wrote a blog entry that ended with "Now someone go get me a cupcake!"

On Feb. 9th I got this crocheted adorableness in the mail from my cyber friend Valerie:

So today this comes in the mail for Bean and things just keep getting cuter:

Why is it even cuter? Because it is teensy! And we all know that teensy things register super high on the cuteness scale.